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For over fifteen years, the McKenzie Education Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing the academic opportunities for McKenzie School District #68 students. In past years we were able help finance such things as online foreign language classes, musical instrument fees for needy students, grade and high school field trips, Salmon Watch, Advance Placement testing fees, supplemental curriculum materials and equipment. It is a start. We hope to do better, but we need your help.

This year besides our yearly mailing to solicit your generous contributions, we are offering something new. For $12.00 we will send your own 2016 calendar with historical photos of the McKenzie River Valley entitled "This is McKenzie's Year". The calendar is black and white on heavy glossy paper and measures 11 X 17 when fully open. We think it is nice enough to be a gift. We originally had one hundred printed, but they were so popular we will be doing a second printing and maybe a third...Click the "Historical Calendars"  link and have a look at some of the pictures, then click the "Calendar Order" link to order.

Oh one last thing about the calendars, for a $100.00 donation you can have one on us!

McKenzie School District #68 serves approximately 215 students in grades K-12 in Blue River, Oregon on the picturesque McKenzie River. The district has a strong and individualize instruction for our students. Our graduation rate is the highest in Lane County. Many students make the honor roll, and more than ever are enrolling in post-secondary institutions.
McKenzie Education

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