Holiday Farm Wildfire Collection

Information about the Holiday Farm Wildfire for future generations to understand this tragic historic event.

On the nights of September 7th and 8th, 2020 the Holiday Farm Fire swept through 25 miles of the McKenzie River valley, burning more than 400 homes and thousands of acres of both ancient and managed forests. Hundreds of people evacuated but lost everything they owned. Changes to the rich natural environment will be seen for hundreds of years. The events have deeply affected both local residents and people who have developed ties to the area through their family, recreation, education, and employment. People are shocked and dismayed by the extent and severity of the fire and the loss of homes and community. Many people want to and need to tell the story of their experience of the fire and to hear other people’s stories.

The Collection will be educational, interactive, and suited for all ages. The exhibits developed for the Collection will be designed to be portable so they can be set up for viewing in different places. Eventually the Collection may need a permanent home. The workplace for the HFF Collection will start in the lobby of the Administration Building at the McKenzie School District.

The stories and other information will be recorded as audio, video, photographs, writing, social media posts, and creative art projects and more. Students in High School classes will be deeply involved in collecting the stories of their families and friends. Many people have already started to record each other’s stories, and MEF hopes these will be shared with the HFF Collection project. Information on the natural resource aspects of the fire such as maps and reports will also be collected and displayed.

Although many of the stories may be available online, when people are able to physically surround themselves with the exhibits it gives them time and a place to contemplate the reality of the events.

This will be a dynamic, resident-driven project, becoming as large, and lasting as long as participants and donors want it to be. If you are interested in participating or donating to this project you can email to