Our Funding

Local fundraising activities, grants from other organizations and foundations, and direct donations from individuals provide MEF with funds.


Local fundraising not only raises funds for projects, it also increases local awareness of MEF’s mission. MEF created and sold calendars featuring  historic photographs of local schools, bridges, lodges and communities from 2016 to 2019.  Some calendars are still available. If you are interested in the photographs please Contact US.

Grants we received

Grants of over $1000 from organizations and trusts provide a stable base for the projects we fund.  Lane Electric Cooperative has been a consistent donor and provided start-up funds for the Imagination Library project.

Following the Holiday Farm Wildfire, large grants were received by the Rees Family Trust, the The Benevity Community Impact Fund, Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation, and the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.  These grants enabled MEF to set up the Wildfire Relief Fund, which provided immediate small grants to the teachers, and families of students as they recovered from losing homes and personal belongings.

Direct donations

Teachers, parents, alumni, and the community have generously donated to MEF over the past two decades. In 2020, following the Holiday Farm Wildfire, Kayte Tomkins raised thousands of dollars to assist in wildfire recovery for students and their families. 

Whether it be one dollar or more, everyone’s generosity can contribute to the projects we fund. If you are interested please Donate Via The PayPal Button Below.